Youtuber tries to sell his channel with 11.2 million subscribers after abuse allegations

A former Minecraft YouTuber who left the scene after allegations of abuse is now trying to sell his channel, which has 11.2 million subscribers. Adam Dahlberg, who rose to fame under the name SkyDoesMinecraft before switching to SkyDoesEverything in 2018, started uploading videos in 2011 and has become one of the most popular creators for Minecraft’s extremely sizable audience.

In January 2022, Dahlberg’s ex-partner Elizabeth Torgerson made public allegations of abuse. in a document posted to iCloud. Following his allegations, former employees of SkyMedia, Dahlberg’s company, came forward with their own allegations.

Torgerson details the duo’s relationship and Dahlberg’s alleged behavior, as well as including screenshots of text and video footage. Allegations include physical assault, verbal abuse, sexual harassment and assault on other women and incidents in which the police had to be involved.

She describes an incident where “we were bought into a hospital room for inpatients. You became violent with me. You called me disgusting names. Saying racist remarks as well as the ‘N’ word and trying to fight the staff. I still tried I love you and speak calmly I came to you and you started screaming and kicked my stomach and started pushing me screaming horrible things I thought I was going to miscarry it hurt so much I got up and the social worker hugged me as I screamed. Security took over again. They made sure I was okay and sent me away.”

Although the document mentions several occasions when the police were called and makes reference to police reports, it does not appear that Dahlberg was charged with any crime.

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Dahlberg has not posted a new video for the SkyDoesMinecraft channel in ten months, and it was silent on social media since January. when Torgerson went public with his allegations. Now SkyDoesEverything and Sky Vs Games channels were listed on Fameswapa website where social media accounts are sold, by a user named ‘SkySellsStuff’ (thank you, dexerto). The accounts went up for sale on April 19, and the main listing reads:

“Start your brand with a diamond play button. This channel has made over 8 million dollars, over 10 million subscribers, 4 billion views and will be ready for you to start your brand when purchased. It will be erased and ready to go.” new content, streaming is on, as well as subscriptions, start stronger than anyone with this channel.”

The main account is being offered for $900,000. The secondary account comes with a similar guarantee that all content will be deleted. It appears that none of them were subject to any offers. Interestingly, it is against Youtube Terms of Service to flog a channel that has access to monetization, so we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

I’ve reached out to Dahlberg’s management to ask for comments and will update with any response.

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