You’ll want a beefy GPU to enable ray tracing at F1 22

Graphics cards may finally be starting to slip back into the realm of reasonable pricing, shipments are slowly increasing to meet demand, but it’s still been a rough few years when it comes to GPUs. Getting our hands on a decent graphics card has been next to impossible for many and EA’s upcoming F1 22 has absolutely no sympathy for any of us.

In accordance with the minimum PC specification requirements listed in EA F1 22 websiteray tracing will require at least one GeForce RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 6700XT. These are by no means the cheapest cards, especially with the newest ones. 2060s 12GB variant charging in the market at a high price. And these are just the minimum specs EA believes will be needed to get those sweet light reflections on wet roads.

If you follow the recommended specs, rather than the minimum, a GeForce RTX 3070 or Radeon RX 6800 is suggested for ray tracing. Some of these cards are almost always in the US, so it’s a pretty significant investment in PC hardware. That means new F1 enthusiasts might be looking for a significant upgrade, but oldies might already have you covered.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about these requirements is that they are also listed in the required specifications in the Steam page for F1 21. The last few years iteration of Codemasters’ F1 series also calls for a 2060 or 6700 as a minimum start for ray tracing functionality, with again a 3070 or 6800 as recommended.

Our reviewer was lucky enough to review on a 2070 and had a great experience, so that suggests there may not be a lot of graphical changes between releases over the years. Although we hope the chaotic driver helmet camera in VR will still work.

Still, F1’s popularity has increased significantly in recent years, partly due to the pandemic, but also thanks to Netflix’s Drive to Survive series. According CNBCthe first race of 2022 was ESPN’s most watched since 1995, so we can see a boom in people interested in the video game too.

We could see new demand for GPUs coming out of newly turned F1 enthusiasts. I hope the offer and prices continue to improve in the coming months so that everyone can participate in high quality races. July 1st, when F1 22 is released.

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