You can now play Morrowind multiplayer and in VR

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is 20 years old, and to celebrate that, the Morrowind TES3MP multiplayer tool has been released. updated to merge it with OpenMW VR (which you can see in action minus the multiplayer above), which means that, yes, you can now play Morrowind with your friends in VR. Even if you don’t have a VR headset, you can join players who do on the same server.

While playing in VR means you can see the position of your hands – which are customized to suit your species, if you prefer to have fuzzy khajiit hands, for example – other players won’t be able to. No waving hello or giving anyone the finger, unfortunately.

The open source Morrowind engine OpenMW had its first public release in 2008, replacing Morrowind’s Gamebryo engine with something more robust and alterable that modders and tweakers would be able to build. The OpenMW fork TES3MP is the perfect example of this, making Morrowind multiplayer playable since 2017. Another fork resulted in OpenMW VR a few years ago, and now the two have been combined as of version 0.8.1 of TES3MP.

To play Morrowind multiplayer in VR you will need to have the original game of course – while OpenMW replaces the engine it still uses the original assets – and follow this one quick start guide for TES3MP. you will want to download TES3MP VR 0.8.1 to play in VR, or TES3MP 0.8.1 for the non-VR version, which whoever is hosting a server will also need.

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