You can make ‘Let Me Solo Her’ your spiritual companion with this mod

“Let Me Solo Her” by Elden Ring legendary player at the moment, it’s just one person. It cannot spread across everyone’s Elden Ring session to defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella in one go. He needs a break sometimes, a minute to get that pot out of his head and rest before the next naked battle against one of the toughest bosses in the game. Thanks to modder Garden of Eyes, you can summon a spiritual ash ‘Let Me Solo Her’ clone to help you with any boss at any time without the need for additional humans.

Garden of the Eyes’ mod requires you to enter $5 Patreon level for at least one month to download. If you do, it will replace the Lone Wolf ashes you received from Renna in Elleh’s Church or the Twin Maiden Carcasses in the Basement of the Round Table. In its place is the Spirit Ash summon item customized for the man who carried Elden Ring players last week – and he won’t peace out like imposter players that carry the same name do. It works exactly like Spirit Ash’s summon. You can summon him whenever the little grave icon appears on the screen.

At the video for the mod, the ‘Let Me Solo Her’ summon takes on other endgame bosses besides Malenia, and I can’t say if that’s blasphemous or not. Part of their whole business is playing a tough boss alone, not lesser enemies in the game. I know it’s not the real player, but it seems wrong to pull the naked god to fight some skeletons.

No one can judge you by what you do in your own game, so if you want to play ‘Let Me Solo Her’ like you’re in a Pokémon battle, go for it. I’m sure he’ll cut anything you can throw at him. But consider for a moment, at least, if you think he would approve of you invoking his name against any strange beasts in the Elden Ring. I’m afraid if you use his power too much, he might turn around and let go of you if you’re not careful.

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