XCOM 2 is free on the Epic Store now

Forget chocolate eggs and anthropomorphic bunnies, the best way to spend this Easter weekend is clearly get XCOM 2 free out of the Epic Store and save the world from alien tyranny.

Firaxis’ masterful strategy sequel might not need an introduction, but it’s getting one anyway. Released in 2016, the game took the bold step of assuming you were defeated by alien invaders in 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and tasked you with building a resistance unit to push its extraterrestrial occupants back off the planet. PCG alumnus Tom Senior was thrilled with the epic tactical fight that followed, giving XCOM 2 an impressive score of 94.

It’s a fantastic offer, although it’s worth noting that Epic’s deal doesn’t include the excellent War of the Chosen expansion, which fundamentally rewrites many of the game’s core rules for an even more spectacular adventure. That said, you can get it at a discount along with a bunch of other DLC in the XCOM 2: Collection Upgrade, all for a very reasonable price of £7.99.

XCOM 2 isn’t the only free game either. Delaying XCOM 2 from below is Insurmountable, an unusual roguelike that challenges players to climb mountains. I haven’t played it myself, but it has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, and it’s hard to argue when the only cost involved is a slice of hard drive space. Unstoppable also recently received a major update, adding a tutorial and new story alongside procedurally generated side quests.

Either way, there are plenty of free games to watch over the Easter weekend, even if none of the games are especially thematically appropriate. There might be some eggs lurking somewhere in XCOM 2, but you probably wouldn’t want to eat them.

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