Xbox went too far with this tartan controller

Dear God. My eyes, they burn.

There are a lot of ugly controllers out there, and I’d say it’s nearly impossible to make a really good-looking Xbox controller, but that doesn’t justify the crime against good taste committed today.

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I’m usually a fan of green tartans. After all, there is a lot of green in my clan tartan. This one, however, is not a favorite. And look, I’m not going to get protective about tartan, of all things. I also don’t care if a big American company wants to appropriate this for some dumb Twitter competition. But this is just an eyesore. And since it looks like it might be real fabricmaybe even wool, it definitely won’t look cool with your inevitably sweaty hands holding it.

I, for one, appreciate the extra level of authenticity gained by having an Edinburgh kilt maker design it – the same one who designed the tartans for our national football team. Apparently, it was also inscribed on the Scottish Register of Tartans (applause, Edinburgh Evening News), making the constraint legal and official.

If you end up getting your hands on this monstrosity, please spare Scotland a thought as you finger the tartan, as we are so much more than kilts. We also have a lot of heart disease and knife crimes.

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