Wrecking Ball Banned In Overwatch 2 Beta For Literally Destroying Servers

The Overwatch hero known as Wrecking Ball is finally living up to his name. A recently discovered bug in overwatch 2 beta was allowing the tank hero (a hamster named Hammond who rides on a robotic hamster ball) to overload the servers and crash all players’ client except yours.

As you can see in a clip of the bug shared by the streamer superf, crashing a server with Wrecking Ball was so easy it could be done by accident. Apparently, all you have to do is aim at the ground and attack the hero’s grappling hook while in the air.

To prevent widespread use of the bug, Blizzard disabled Wrecking Ball in the Overwatch 2 beta until it is fixed.

“Wrecking Ball’s powers are a little too strong on the Beta server,” said the official. Overwatch Twitter said yesterday.

It’s a peculiar flaw. Isn’t it obvious just by looking at what’s pushing players’ servers or clients over the limit – maybe the capability is buggy and making more “grab this far” requests than a server can handle? Maybe all the sparks produced on the ground had something to do with it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Interestingly, the grapple bug will also have an impact on the Overwatch League when it returns later this week. Blizzard has been planning since last year to host the new season of OWL in Overwatch 2, and it looks like the Wrecking Ball bug is also present in the build the pros will be playing. As such, it will be locked during this week of competition. OWL boss Sean Miller vowed to “catch our furry friend [back] next week.”

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Overwatch 2 is proving to be a true beta. Last week, Blizzard also fixed a bug that had been causing Mercy’s ultimate to fail although it seems to be working.

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