World of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Might Be Dragon-Focused According to a Leak

The name of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion may have been leaked through the source code of the game’s official website. According to Wowheadthe site contains product IDs for something called “Dragonflight” in “base”, “epic”, and “heroic” formats, corresponding to product levels used in previous expansions.

While skeptical WoW fans might feel it’s still a little too close for April Fools’ comfort, this story feels a little dark and believable compared to more absurd and bombastic jokes we expect from game developers.

In WoW history, a “Dragonflight” is one of several subspecies of dragon in the setting, with varying powers and ancient progenitors. WoW dragons have been on the decline since Deathwing’s defeat in 2010’s Cataclysm expansion. Wowhead has previously dated what appears to be an upcoming green dragon player mount, a potential reward with premium versions of the expansion, lending more credibility to the Dragonflight title.

After one encouraging the launchWe were disappointed with Shadowlands’ lack of follow-up. I hope its successor can resolve these issues and leave the game in a healthier state. Blizzard is expected to officially reveal this upcoming potentially dragon-heavy expansion on April 19.

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