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Windows 11 update fixes nasty 40-minute boot time bug

A recent update to Windows 11 fixed some petty bugs throughout the OS, including one that was causing some machines to get stuck on boot for 40 minutes, as well as a notorious memory leak issue.

Some days ago, update KB5012643 came with some minor UI tweaks like the weather icon in the taskbar now displaying the temperature above it, as well as a bug that didn’t allow users to minimize, maximize or close apps, as well as some issues with video subtitles .

What Guru3d was that, along with some other patches, the update appears to have fixed a bug that was causing “certain point-of-sale terminals to experience occasional delays in OS startup during reboot of up to 40 minutes,” according to the notes. of the patch.

This really isn’t ideal. I mean, what is this, early 90’s? It’s like a return to the time before the best NVMe SSDs exited. When you had time to make coffee while waiting for your PC to boot. How many coffees could you make in 40 minutes, though?

In all seriousness, the affected POS machines were likely needed to get their respective businesses up and running in the morning. And no one wants to get to work 40 minutes early just to turn on the technology.

The alternative, of course, would have been to leave the machines running overnight… Not the best option. First of all, we don’t need big companies using more power than they already do, not to mention having to deal with a memory leak problem associated with leaving Windows 11 machines 24/7.

Fortunately, this was also addressed in the recent update and we are getting closer and closer to a change in the collective opinion of the team about Windows 11. A previous update saw us flirting with the idea that Windows 11 may now be worthwhile for gamersand updates that address major issues like this are just another nail in Windows 10’s coffin.

Okay, maybe we won’t go that far. But someday soon, you’ll be able to see the entire team handing over our Win10 badges for a more curved experience.

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