Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemon Hunters Update Gives Wounded Gray Knights More Courage

While Warhammer 40,000: Gate of Chaos – Demon Hunters certainly seems to have given gamers the XCOM-but-with-space navies experience they were looking for, these gamers have criticized its performance even on fairly high-end platforms. They also complained about how long their Gray Knights Marines can be wounded. An unlucky start can lead to a death spiral as you are forced to send suboptimal squads on missions, who injure each other and join the infirmary queue.

The latest Daemonhunters patch, Update V (opens in new tab), should alleviate some of these problems. It includes an optimization pass on the ship’s HUD and all the ornate technogothic objects on display in its various rooms, as well as the combat HUD. Draw distances have been reduced and debris loading has been updated, and hopefully, all of that should help you squeeze out a few extra frames per second.

Balance changes include Gray Knights being “more resistant to getting injured in the early stages of the game on all difficulties”, as well as regaining full health after a Ritual of Purge. The cost of the apothecary’s healing ability has also been reduced to 2 willpower points. This will make it easier to keep them standing, and on the two lower difficulties the size of enemy reinforcement groups has also been reduced.

There are many other fixes and tweaks in the update, including “Helbrutes will no longer do an awkward slide when performing a quick attack after a stun”. Good for them. Check the patch notes (opens in new tab) for details of all changes. Some people are experiencing crashes after this update, so if you are one of them, go to Properties > Local Files > Check Integrity of Game Files on Steam and that should resolve the issue.

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