Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman Expansion Launches April 27

Digital Extremes has revealed the release date for Warframe’s latest expansion, Angels of the Zariman, in a new trailer (opens in new tab) and blog post (opens in new tab). The update will be released on April 27.

Angels of the Zariman centers on the titular colony ship, a key component of Warframe lore long lost in the depths of space, and adds a new story quest, a Zariman-focused tileset for procedurally generated quests, as well as player’s accommodation in the ship’s “Dormizone”. This is the first time Digital Extremes has experimented with player housing in Warframe, a classic MMO feature that can occasionally introduce your own set of questions (opens in new tab).

Angels of the Zariman will also introduce the game’s 49th playable Warframe, Gyre. This new character has a fluid, almost dancing aesthetic, and is built around critical hits and electrical damage abilities. As Gyre deals electricity damage with abilities like Arcsphere, she gains increased critical chance, with her ability Rotorswell dealing bonus electricity damage on successful critical hits, encouraging careful management of these potential combos.

The update also brings three new infinite modes: Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon, as well as Zariman-themed weapons and reworks for Warframe’s Focus Schools and Eximus enemies.

Expectations are high for Angels of the Zariman after Warframe’s well-received The New War expansion (opens in new tab), which came out last December. Digital Extremes has a solid track record with its long-running shooter, and the new expansion’s evocative setting and set of changes are very promising.

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