Wardens turn recent Minecraft beta into survival horror

Minecraft is a survival game, but developer Mojang is apparently not above turning it into a survival horror game. The deeply frightening and very murderous Wardens are horrors from the nearby Deep Dark underground biome, eyeless creatures that seem to want to keep the deadly silence of the untouched underground.

Attracted by the vibrations and screams of their Sculk brethren, Guardians come out of the ground to attack basically anything. It’s awful, honestly: they run off and just kill everything they find. Guardians can find him not only by the vibrations in Sculk, but also by the scent: they will sniff out to find him. God help you if you collide with them.

The safest way to summon a guardian is to step on the spreading fungal goo, which is Sculk, letting the vibrations hit the bony hands of a nearby Sculk Shrieker. Fire up enough screams and a Warden comes along. As the Warden arrives, he inflicts a new status called darkness that makes the world darker and darker for you: which means exactly what you think, more monsters.

They are terribly powerful and dangerous, as befits a survival boss that you avoid rather than fight – which they are. In fact, they have the most health and damage of any naturally spawned mobs in the game… and they disable any shield they hit. (Golems, eat your heart.)

The latest Minecraft snapshot, Mojang’s equivalent of a beta test, looks like it’s going to get Warden into the base game. You can read more about it at the Minecraft website.

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