Vampire: the Masquerade – Swansong promises a Telltale-style version of the World of Darkness

After a long drought, there has been a run of Vampire: the Masquerade video games in recent years, such as the multiplayer battle royale blood huntThe text adventure series in progress by Choice of Games, and development alarmingly Lineages 2 all in the shadow of Troika’s cult classic, Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swan Songmeanwhile, it’s a promising-looking entry into the VtM canon developed by Big Bad Wolf, creators of the episodic narrative murder mystery, The advice. Swansong is a version of World of Darkness that is more reminiscent of Telltale games like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us than classic RPGs, and Big Bad Wolf recently released a first game trailer showing the project.

Players take control of one of three vampires tasked with investigating a threat to the Boston branch of underground vampire society, the Camarilla. It seems that each of these vampire stories slips in and out of the others to form a cohesive narrative, rather than picking one from the beginning and seeing the story through to the end.

Of the playable characters, Galeb is a blue-blooded member of the Ventrue clan, and seems to have more direct or violent solutions to encounters than the other two. Leysha’s deception-based powers and hallucinations that she experiences in her story trailer all but confirm that she is a member of the fan-favorite Malkavian clan, a lineage of mad prophets. Nightclub owner Emem, meanwhile, appears to be a Toreador, with enhanced powers of persuasion and seduction.

In addition to Telltale’s multiple-choice dialogue and timed cutscene reactions, Swansong’s first gameplay trailer also showcased character skill trees, as well as mechanics for drinking human blood and hiding bodies, hinting at deeper gameplay possibilities outside the scenes.

Aesthetically, Swansong leaned towards glamor and a kind of upper-class neo noir, but there may be more World of Darkness grit in store for the full game, and the more restrained, narrative-driven style looks like it could be a great fit. for the configuration. Vampire: the Masquerade – Swansong will be released on epic game store on the 19th of May.

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