Vampire Survivors Update 0.5.1 Takes Us to The Bone Zone

Viral success, Vampire Survivors hit Update 0.5.1, which was released today, adding a tough new challenge stage to the game. As usual, I don’t know what the hell is going on in the new Vampire Survivors update, all I know is that I should play: very similar to the creator of Vampire Survivors, by the way.

In addition to the new level, which I must emphasize is called The Bone Zone, we have a new character, weapon and two new arcana. Is it like… a dog? Does he fart flowers? Last time there were cats, and I was told that cats don’t like the new dog. Before that, or maybe before that, there were milk elementals, and somewhere here we have a grenade-throwing bear. All I’m trying to say here, folks, is that Surviving Vampires is a fun, fun time.

“A screen-cleaning thriller with carpet bomb doves”, said Rich Stanton. For my part, I would describe it as a $3 game about eating roast chicken on the floor. You can find Vampire Survivors on Steam.

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