Vampire Survivors gets heavy metal in update 0.5.2

Vampire Survivors Developer poncle has continued its tradition of releasing updates on a Sunday, with version 0.5.2 arriving today and adding some new toys and treasures to play with on your journey to eat chicken off the ground and maybe one day meet a real vampire.

It’s a lot of new and weird stuff, and it really exemplifies Vampire Survivors’ design vision of “I don’t really care about balance: it’s a singleplayer game.”

The new character is a guitar smashing metal angel, a cool bat demon lady. The new weapon, Shadow Pinion, is her starting equipment and has an evolution from the beginning. There is also a weapon evolution for the Gatti Amari, the weird cats. A new collectible power up also allows you to collect gold.

There are two new Arcana to unlock, as well as some bug fixes. Anyway, go have fun killing vampires. (There are no vampires to kill.) You can read the patch notes for Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 on Steam.

There’s a new soundtrack entry, too:

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