Valheim’s mists tease some ancient bronze-bound stone ruins

Developers at Iron Gate AB continue to work at a fast pace on the Mistlands of Valheim update, publishing a new developer diary on Steam. (Though I’m sure they also took a little break and cheered when the game reached 10 million copies sold.)

The journal, titled “Ancient Ruins Unearthed”, includes an impressive view of some of the Cyclopean stone ruins that will populate the Mistlands. We’ve seen this before, in swamps and half-built mountain towers, but these had a decidedly more grounded look. The massive ruins wrought by Mistlands, however, are huge blocks of stone held in bands of bronze riveted to the stone. They are somehow much more supernatural than other ruins the Vikings found in Valheim.

For my part, I’m wondering how these great ruins have anything to do with the equally large spiders on the prowl.

(Image credit: Iron Gate AB)

Furthermore, the Valheim team also posted a tease that they stealthily released on social media. It’s a little hare, an adorable thing that will roam the Mistlands all year round. Skip to the end of the video to see how the hare can live and move in the world.

You can find past updates on the Mistlands at our Valheim center.

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