V Rising mods let you zoom in and hide the UI

Vampire survival game V Rising is a certified hit, quickly breaking into Steam’s top 10 most played list and selling more a million copies in your first week of early access. But the game tends to keep you at a distance, with a camera that looks down on your vampire from above and doesn’t allow you to fully zoom in to make the most of its exquisite castle or vast open world. It can also sometimes be a little difficult to navigate the map and see threats lurking on the roads ahead, and the UI, while not overbearing, makes it a bit difficult to capture great screenshots.

Some cool mods have appeared that change that. ModernCamera (opens in new tab) removes the zoom limit so you can scroll your view inwards. At ground level, you can even adjust the camera angle so that you’re looking at your vampire head-on instead of top-down. You probably won’t want to struggle with zooming the entire way – aiming spells is tricky and it’s easy to lose track of mobs – but it’s quite exhilarating to run down the roads and through the woods in wolf form with the camera following behind you instead of look at you.

another way, hide interface (opens in new tab), turn on the F11 key to toggle the UI on and off, which goes great with the camera mod and lets you take great screenshots of your vampire and your carefully decorated castle. Not everything can be looked at up close, of course, as the game isn’t meant to be viewed this closely from such a low angle (your castle definitely doesn’t have a roof, for example). But if you’re looking to show off your vampire and your lair, these two mods work great together.

You will find these mods and others at Thunderstore (opens in new tab)but you will need a third party mod to run them.

download BepInExPack V Rising (opens in new tab) first extract it to a new folder, then move the contents of the BepInExPack_V_Rising folder to the game’s Steam folder (steamappscommonVRising).

Launch the game and you will see the BenInEx console fire up before the game loads. Start your game with the LAN checkbox checked (you will have to play singleplayer to use mods) and then exit.

Then download the camera and UI mods and drop the ModernCamera.dll and HideInterface.dll files into the new BepInEx/plugins folder.

That’s it! Now when you play singleplayer, tapping F11 will toggle the UI on and off, and you’ll be able to zoom in and out to your heart’s delight.

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