V Rising Devs Talk ‘Journey’ to Full Release

Excited that their game reached more a million (opens in new tab) copies sold, the developers of V Ascendant (opens in new tab) published a blog outlining their next steps towards a future release for the indie survival-RPG-but-you-re-vampires game. “The Stunlock team couldn’t have imagined how many of you were out there, ready to wake up from your crypts and step into this little world we’ve created,” they said. said. (opens in new tab)

In short, Stunlock aims to add a lot more to V Rising before it’s done, but they’re warning that it’s a lot of work and will take time. Especially since they, like last year’s survival darling Valheim (opens in new tab), have clearly achieved far beyond their wildest dreams. They can now open the scope and consider both their own plans and what the community dreams of.

“Opening early access is the first step we’re taking on the murky path to the game’s full release,” said Stunlock. “Many trips have a set path, a road with a clear destination. While we certainly have our goal in mind for V Rising, our path isn’t ready.”

To that end, Stunlock intends to start by analyzing the mass of data it has received in the last few weeks of early access. The team is also already working on new materials such as “weapons to wield, loot to loot, and sorcery to conjure” as well as “more V Bloods with new challenges, lands to explore, and other ways to upgrade your castle.”

But that’s all yet to come, of course, and it’s lagging behind to see what players are doing in V Rising and how they’re playing. “We are currently taking a step back to be able to move forward, regrouping so that we can move to the next stage of our journey with unwavering intent. These development updates may not come as often at first as it is time to replenish our stockpiles of blood,” Stunlock said. This puts the focus on bug fixing, quality of life balancing, and server stability.

Once they’ve finished assessing the situation, the Stunlock team intends to let us know what their plans are for “the fall and beyond”. You can find V Rising at your official website (opens in new tab) and on Steam. (opens in new tab)

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