Use musical scales and magical melodies to solve puzzles in Sonority

Moving away from the usual spatial, programming and logic challenges that appear more commonly in adventure puzzle games, Sonority is a smart new indie that focuses on the music basics. The building blocks of puzzles are musical notes that vary, literally, across the entire scale. As you play, notes are combined into melodies and intervals that create magical effects.

Using these magical melodies and with the help of a talking raccoon, you use various instruments to get all sorts of different results. Here is a simple example: Certain grades in an order can raise a platform, while inverse grades would lower it. There are also puzzles that have you listening to a sequence and then repeating it using your instruments to progress.

Of course, it’s a game that’s going to be harder or easier based not just on how good your sense of hearing is, but how good your “ear” is for music. This isn’t absolute: despite my inability to learn to read sheet music in third grade, I was able to enjoy what I played in the Sonority demo.

You can find Sonority for sale at GO (opens in new tab) and Steam. It also has a free demo.

(Image credit: Hanging Gardens Interactive)

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