Ubisoft officially announces Project Q after several leaks

Late last year, an Nvidia GeForce Now database was leaked to the public, revealing a bunch of unannounced games. One of Entries from Ubisoft on that list, “Project Q”, more details recently came to light, precipitating the official announcement of the game by Ubisoft.

According to OutputProject Q is a “PvP battle arena game” with a low player count, fast-paced battle royale mode on a small map, as well as a more traditional objective capture mode.

Exputer’s coverage also included early gameplay footage of Project Q. Notably, while the gameplay footage featured some projectile weapons, it didn’t exactly look like a “sniper”. The demo player had a choice of various items with unique abilities, such as “Icarus Wings” offering a high jump and hovering, or “Wukong’s Staff” with martial arts chain combo abilities, and players would freely switch between ranged attacks. and melee combos in short, frantic brawls.

This focus on movement and melee combat can set Project Q apart from the countless PvP shooters on the market, and could be a motivating factor behind its curious designation as a “battle arena game”.

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Apparently in response to this latest leak, Ubisoft officially announced the game, still using the moniker “Project Q”, and opened registration for public testing at an unspecified later date. Ubisoft’s announcement also clarified that the game remains in early development.

There are still numerous tantalizing entries from the Nvidia leak that have yet to receive official announcements, such as XCOM 3, “Bioshock 2022” and PC ports of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3. It remains to be seen how many of these projects will see the light of day.

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