Titanfall 2’s Best Mode Hits Northstar’s Fan Servers

Listen — Titanfall 2: Northstar is phenomenal. ONE fan-run server browser built to revive a game that suffers heavily from bot attacks and DDoS, is solely responsible for ensuring that Titanfall 2 remains not only playable in 2022, but bigger, weirder and more creative than ever.

But for all its new modes and modded servers, Northstar is missing the beating heart of Titanfall’s multiplayer. Until this week, Attrition was lacking.

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Friction, for the unknown, was Titanfall as a full-scale war. 16-player team deathmatch where each side was complemented by squads of AI-controlled soldiers, hackable robot Specters, and titan-slaying Reapers. It was bombastic, chaotic, offering even younger players the chance to contribute mulching grunts on the side. Unfortunately for the Northstar developers, however, it was also extremely cumbersome to run outside of the official servers.

This week’s 1.7 update sees them finally crack that nut, however, bringing Attrition Beta to Northstar in time for what the community dubbed “Titanfall Day” on May 1st. On official Discord, the developers note that the navigation meshes are still not perfect, there are still some bugs to fix, and I’ve heard that it can overload server connections, but it does exist. Is there. It (mostly) works.

What’s most exciting to me, however, is what opening AI entities could do for Northstar’s thriving mod scene. Northstar already sports mods ranging from daft (giving pilots titan weapons and vice versa) to fully polished new game modes such as fast balland now that the developers have managed to summon the AI-powered mooks of friction, I can’t wait to see what new and creative modes they appear in.

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