This ‘Teardown’ Steam Deck Skin Is The Next Best Thing For A Clear Plastic Console

first sighted by GamingOnLinuxdbrand launched a Steam Deck Skin imitating the clear plastic electronics of the past.

As we all know, industrial design for personal electronics peaked sometime between 1998 and 2003, and many of our world’s problems can be traced to the abandonment of beautiful, translucent plastic shells for our consolescontrollers and personal computers.

For some time now, dbrand has been offering the next best thing: phone cases and cases with high resolution photos of the devices’ internal circuitry printed on them, made in partnership with the popular YouTube teardown channel. JerryRigEverything.

The innards of the Steam Deck are suitably attractive for treatment, with the rear of the unit dominated by the main fan, battery, and copper heat pipe. I especially like the look of the haptic feedback trackpads on the front, with a red wire coming out to wrap around the unit and connect to the main board. However, it feels a little weird to cover up the trackpad – hopefully this doesn’t result in lost inputs or other loss of functionality.

(Image credit: dbrand)

$50 is a little pricey, but dbrand has a reputation for quality, and this skin has the added benefit of protecting your Deck from scratches and cuts. Plus, the skin can be removed without damaging the unit, should you decide to turn your back on the Y2K aesthetic.

I’m tempted to grab this limited-edition skin in anticipation of a Steam Deck I’m supposed to be allowed to buy “after Q3 2022”.

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