This RTX 3090 Ti running at extreme 890W is one of the most thirsty GPUs yet

The next generation of graphics cards is expected to draw a Many of power, but I didn’t expect to see one of today’s best and brightest undermining the wall so much. An Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti has been modified to unlock an 890W power cap, almost double the card’s usual 450W cap.

Why you would do such a thing is prepare your graphics card for extreme overclocking – I’m talking world record breaking liquid nitrogen overclocks and those that risk frying or freezing your expensive components forever. Sports overclocking, if you will.

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The aptly named MegaSizeGPU has posted a screenshot of what they claim is an Asus RTX 3090 Ti TUF running at a wattage cap of 890W, as noted by video cardz. The source also says that the user has confirmed the GPU is operational despite being far beyond the power limits of the most extreme RTX 3090 Ti models available.

I would generally avoid images taken from a screen as evidence of anything – they can easily be faked – but there’s enough reason to believe such a feat could be possible with a specialized BIOS.

The exact BIOS used by the MegaSizeGPU has already been loaded for TechPowerUp, courtesy of its creator, and is designed for Asus Strix LC, Asus TUF, and Founders Edition models. These types of BIOS, known as XOC (extreme overclocking), are used relatively frequently in record-breaking attempts and allow for greater power delivery by pushing silicon to the extreme.

This means that you can try this BIOS out for yourself, although I don’t recommend that you do. You run a significant risk of breaking your chip without proper care and skill, and even then it’s still very risky.

Even if you wanted to give it a try, most RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards aren’t equipped to take that much power; not just in the way they handle that power through the built-in VRM components, but also through the cables themselves. The standard RTX 3090 Ti connector can receive up to 600W through a single 16-pin connector.

Some boards designed for extreme overclocking get around this, however, including EVGA’s RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin and Galax’s HOF OC Lab Edition. These two cards come with dual 16-pin PCIe power connectors, which in theory max out at 1200W when combined. The EVGA card still has a XOC BIOS which unlocks a power limit of 1000W. Crikey.

You can also solder your own mods to a PCB and try to inject more power that way, but that’s not your daily update.

A graphics card actually running at 1200W is probably not likely from this generation, no matter how much liquid nitrogen you throw at it. There are rumors that Nvidia may be toying with the idea of ​​a 900W GPU with the next generation known as Ada Lovelace, but surely that’s just for fun in the lab, right?

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