This lady is helping to put cryptocurrency scams where they belong: in the trash

Finally, someone is scouring the blockchain and calling the scammers on their BS. In doing so, software engineer Molly White was able to not only catalyze the downfall of Cryptoland scams, but also spread awareness of the dangers of ‘Web3’ so scammers are less likely to indoctrinate more impressionable prospective investors.

White is an avid contributor to Wikipedia, passionate about free and open knowledge and resources. the byte (opens in new tab) referred us to your blog, the incredible, satirically called ‘Web3 is doing great (opens in new tab).’ In it, she highlights the mistakes, hacks and dishonest work stemming from Web3 – a blockchain-dominated ‘new internet’ for the uninitiated.

In fact, it is White who has been assigned to help bring down the disturbing case of cryptoland (opens in new tab)— the “world’s first crypto island” marketed as a utopia for blockchain investors. The project poured millions into the physicist but now appears to be dormant after a expose in white (opens in new tab) which caused a group of investors to jump ship. The Seychelles island they planned to take is still back to market (opens in new tab).

If you have a level of sympathy for the poor cryptodegens, remember: this is the same scam that, when pressed on Twitter about what the age of consent would be on their magical island of blockchain, the official Cryptoland account responded with “Mental maturity should be more than enough! 😉 (opens in new tab)

sick. Good farewell.

“Most of my disdain is reserved for the big players who are marketing this to a mainstream audience as if it were an investment, often promising to be a way out of a very difficult financial situation for people who don’t have many options,” says Branco. .

White describes her actions as “very predatory”, and she has gained a lot of media attention for drawing attention to these blockchain scams.

we saw the market Transaction downtime due to rampant NFT forgery (opens in new tab), and so many other stories that show the possible horrors of investing in blockchain. And yet, all of this is still surprisingly so prevalent. Even during the current cryptocurrency failure (opens in new tab)crypto mining energy usage has barely dropped (opens in new tab).

With people like White around, at least, more of these blockchain scams could start to deteriorate.

Their website even contains a ‘Grift Counter’ that keeps track of how much money has been lost in scams as far as you scroll down the timeline, so you can keep monetary control of the cryptographic dystopia we are creating for ourselves. Check if you like to cry.

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