This kaiju kissing game makes me believe in the power of love

My wrinkled heart usually only has room for my dog, but after watching the trailer for Kaichu (opens in new tab) in the Wholesome Direct stream, I may be ready to believe in the supernatural power of love.

Kaichu is a dating simulator for kaiju, which is the kind of sales pitch that doesn’t need filling. After years of demolishing cities and beating each other up, it’s time for these huge monsters to kiss each other.

The radioactive dinosaur Gigachu is the passionate protagonist of this dating sim, and they have six potential suitors to meet. It’s a dating test as much as a dating simulator, and you’ll need to answer compatibility questions before you’re done with the dating dance. And since kaiju mostly communicate by crushing rather than using words, you’ll have to use the reports of a couple of news anchors to interpret what your potential partner wants from a kissing friend.

24 hapless locations will host these beloved beasts, each with a famous landmark waiting to be demolished. Unfortunately, humanity always finds a way to ruin the good times, and the little killjoys will send troops to stop their meeting.

You’ll be able to help Gigachu find love, or at least find someone to kiss, when Kaichu launches this summer.

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