This is the craziest game trailer of the decade so far

Outpost is the name – blasting your eyebrows with high-octane action feels like the game. Unveiled during the Steam Enter the Dragon showcase, which highlights upcoming titles from China, the trailer starts with a bang and never stops. In the end, you’re not sure if this is going to be the best game of all time, or just one of the best.

The video above is timestamp for the trailer (which can also be seen at the game’s page on Steam), but this is so good it needs a play-by-play.

The trailer starts with a Red Alert style notification voice saying ‘Warning: Hostile signal detected’ – classic. We immediately see someone jumping off a roof firing a rocket launcher, before a quick cut to another person shooting what appear to be comets.

We haven’t reached ten seconds yet. Now, a character opens a missile box, lifts a giant missile, and throws it into the air. We cut to another player’s perspective as the missile flies, they pick it up and slam it into a giant gun. We then see a large gun, presumably this one, firing in the distance.

So someone is shooting zombie-type enemies in a field of snow – so far so normal – when an obelisk that fills the screen falls from the sky into enemy ranks.

(Image credit: Team Ranger)

So we see a base that, and this is probably my favorite part of the whole thing, zooms out to an RTS view, then shows some RTS combat and then cuts right into an FPS view of a player shooting a giant, fast rock monster – cut once more to a landing craft being attacked by zombies – view from the outside and then from the inside, baby!

A guy shows up to give a heroic speech in which he says the word “outpost” twice before we hear “the outpost is under attack!” We see a giant outpost that is, in fact, under attack by hundreds of shiny bad things.

Then there are, like, three platforms of warships stacked on top of each other shooting, before a mech drops and the character reloads their weapon with a giant golden ball.

I actually lied before, this is my favorite part. The screen goes black, briefly, before a guy sighs and says, “We visualized the collapse of human society in many ways, but it came silently, from the creation we’re most proud of,” and then there’s a scene from the Matrix Revolutions, basically. Then some shots in the scene and boom: it was 80 seconds of madness.

Who knows if Outpost is the next big thing, complete bullshit or an over-ambitious project we’ll never hear from again. It’s being published by Lightning Games and, as the trailer suggests, it’s a co-op multiplayer shooter where you collect resources and build and upgrade outposts and various characters. An intriguing element in the brief description is that the battles are “full of random elements” – although this is one of those things that can be game-changing or have little effect on practice.

Outpost doesn’t have a release date yet, but if it comes with another trailer like this one, we’ll be sure to let you know about it.

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