This guy beat Elden Ring without ever attacking

“Can I beat Elden Ring and never attack?” asked video creator Iron Pineapple. Unlike many other people, who would not, under any circumstances, undertake this task… Iron Pineapple decided to try just that.

Something that may have been impossible in FromSoftware’s previous action RPGs, Elden Ring’s wide diversity of tools and powers, along with its extremely open-world design, make it seem achievable.

The real question is basically this: can summoned spirits defeat all the bosses needed between the player and the end of the game? The player can support the spirits and take any action that does not directly deal damage.

Iron Pineapple made the attempt, using a faith-based healing and buff build to keep a rotating cast of spirits and summons alive in many of the Elden Ring’s toughest encounters. A variety of buffs, healing over time spells, and direct healing really help, of course – but he needs to get pretty creative and get a few hours of crunching here and there.

Eventually, through a creative interpretation of the rules, Iron Pineapple managed to win the game. This does not mean that there are no errors. Hours of grinding are wasted when theoretical solutions to difficult bosses fail. The half hour video is quite fun.

You can find Iron Pineapple Video on Youtube.

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