This fan is creating an Elden Ring demake for Game Boy

Elden Ring may have some PC performance issuesbut what about the original Game Boy?

User shin on Reddit posted WIP images of his OG Game Boy demake of FromSoftware’s hit action RPG. It most strongly resembles The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, with top-down exploration of scrolling environments and a familiar sword attack, but it also translates the Souls Series’ essential dodge roll into the new perspective.

im_making_an_elden_ring_demake_for_the_game_boy from r/Eldenring

The Reddit clip features shin’s vision in the starting area of ​​the Chapel of Anticipation, complete with tutorial messages and an Erdtree pixel art, all awash in that cream-colored spinach color palette we all love from Nintendo’s classic handheld.

The demo ends with a battle against a cute and menacing version of Grafted Scion, Elden Ring’s “alleged to lose” initial fight, followed by a suitably charming “YOU DIE” game on screen.

Shin is streaming his development process on his Twitch channel, shitendoTV. They are using GB Studio 3.0 to create the project and have expressed a desire to at least deepen their opinion of Limgrave in this style, if not push further.

It reminds me of the great Game Boy Color Breath of the Wild mockup created by Nintendo Wire in 2018, but unlike that demo, Shin’s Elden Ring project will be fully playable on the original hardware or emulator once completed.

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