This consumer 3D printer that prints 5x faster is on Kickstarter

3D printing has to be one of the most futuristic pieces of technology, even more so now that it has reached the hands of everyday consumers. You can take a digital file, a roll of filament and shape it into pretty much any shape you want. This led to tons of really cool solo projects like this one. horrible ergonomic keyboardbeing done with 3D printing, but your regular hobbyist will tell you it’s far from a painless process.

I bought one of the Aldi 3D printers a few years ago. Being able to print your own 3D designs is a special kind of magic, but it’s a magic you have to work for. These cheap consumer 3D printers are incredibly complicated, which you’d rather expect for the price. On first impressions, I had already encountered almost every problem you might encounter with these things, sometimes several times. So the actual printing would easily take 15 hours for something the size of a mouse, and that’s if it manages to be successful. It certainly wasn’t as successful as this one. Warhammer 40k YouTuber Dawn of War Prints.

It’s not an experience that exactly encourages 3D printing. It’s not often that I can think of something I want to print that feels like it’s worth the effort and hours involved to make it happen. I have friends with better printers, who have had better experiences, but still not enough to make 3D printing worthwhile beyond a curiosity at prices below $1,000.

that’s why that kickstarter for a new, faster-printing consumer 3D printer caught my eye. seen by On the edge, this printer is being manufactured by renowned phone accessories company Anker. It has 5x faster printing, which is nothing short of huge if true. you can see a demonstration of it in this video.

The AnkerMake M5 3D The printer credits this 70% gain in regular print times to its improved y-axis motor, which helps over the printhead. This is combined with a dual belt system and algorithms to help improve print speed and quality. It also claims to have higher accuracy due to the shorter distance between the extruder and the nozzle. This sounds like a much friendlier consumer-grade 3D printer than we’ve seen before.

Also, there are some extra features included that really help sell this machine. An AI camera recognition system checks your prints to make sure they aren’t crashing in real-time, and you can also view this and other controls through the app.

Combined with the ability to resume printing after interruptions, this can be a real set-and-forget system. The camera can even automatically time-lapse your prints, so you can see where everything went terribly wrong in your absence. I can even print a Steam Deck.

Sadly, the super cheap early bird pricing for this printer is long gone, but other tiers are available. Right now, you can still get the $629 tier on Kickstarter to get over $100 in the eventual MSRP. The Kickstarter goal for production is already well and truly surpassed, so if you’re happy to wait and see how this goes for early adopters, the AnkerMake M5 is set to retail for $759.

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