This accessory is designed to prevent your Intel Alder Lake processor from bending

Notice that your 12th Gen Intel processor is bending a little? Well, Intel would say it’s just good and dandy, and that it has no plans to tweak the Independent Loading Engine (ILM) as it’s all within the manufacturer’s specs. It also says that you can void your warranty by running non-standard configurations such as washers or an accessory like this: Thermalright’s LGA1700-BCF.

Then why he would be do you want to load one of these accessories on your machine? Quite simply, it can be beneficial when it comes to CPU temperatures and getting the most out of your CPU. The slight curvature on Intel’s 12th Gen, while not a danger to the chip, can cause it to lose some contact with your cooler and get a little hotter as a result.

Thermalright’s ECB (discovered by cowcottland) is constructed of aluminum and designed to keep your chip snugly seated on your motherboard with no wiggle room. This should keep bending to an absolute minimum, if not correct it completely.

However, the ECB accessory appears to be only available in China at the moment. It’s something to keep an eye on if you’re interested, as the manufacturer Thermalright sells their products in other parts of the world. It’s also a pretty straightforward part, so I imagine other manufacturers will follow suit with similar designs.

If you want an immediate correction for bending, you can drop a pair of washers on the CPU socket screws and prevent this from happening. It’s supposed to be easy to do, just note that we haven’t tested it for long-term impact and Intel may not like you to return a faulty chip after using this mod.

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