This 50 hit Elden Ring illusory wall is most likely a bug.

“Hidden path ahead”, “secret ahead”, “try to attack”, these are the types of cheeky messages from the Elden Ring this can just take it to a wall (After you’ve given him a hit or two with your weapon, of course.)

However, not only are there God-honest illusory walls that need to be attacked to dispel sprinkles on Elden Ring, a diligent user on the Elden Ring subreddit, teristam, discovered an illusory wall that leads dozens of hits to reveal.

It’s located in the mid-to-late play zone, Volcano Manor, in the secret passageways connected to the Manor’s side rooms (covered here in our Blasphemous Blade Guide.) You already have to go through a pattern illusory wall to discover this passage in the first place. My mind gets confused with what teristan possessed to keep testing this one.

Now, before you commit to a minimum of 50 swings on every suspect wall in Elden Ring, I warn you that every aspect of this tells me it’s unintentional. All other illusory walls in Elden Ring make a distinct sound when dispelled. This kind of clips away without any fanfare. Additionally, it reappears when resting in a Place of Grace unlike other illusory walls.

apparently_there_is_a_hidden_wall_in_volcano from r/Eldenring

What’s more, it’s only 15 feet from yet another normal illusory wall that leads to an inaccessible room with an item in it. The 50-point wall leads to an easily accessible merchant and NPC hub that you would have already seen on the way to the pass.

The logical explanation, in my opinion, is that this was either another potential route to the secret tunnels at some point in development, or else FromSoft had initially planned a different combination of locked and unlocked rooms. Instead of replacing the illusory wall with a default one, an oversight led the developers to leave it in this in-between state.

Bloodborne’s Presence Upper Cathedral Wing Untextured and Unused in the original Dark Souls files indicates that FromSoft can play around with its levels, radically redirecting and recontextualizing areas over the course of development (sometimes across multiple games). , and those were just normal ports to begin with? Whatever the case, it’s a fascinating find, but I wouldn’t be scared off by others potentially mega hidden paths in Elden Ring.

Except for the one who hides the secret, seventh Final. This one takes 192 hits from the Dark Moon Greatsword at New Game +6 to reveal.

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