These messy Discord keyboards look cooler than they have a right to

like someone who typed on blank keys for years in a corny attempt to impress people, I know a little about keyboards as they relate to being or not being cool. And yet, despite my experience ruminating over the click-clacky mechanical device fad, I can’t decide whether these Kono Discord keyboards are cool or not.

On a gut level, it’s hard to feel that spending $190 on a keyboard with a social media platform’s logo is cool. It’s like paying for the kind of freebies companies give influencers for free. Or, if that’s too harsh, it’s at least like going to an NFL game with a hat that says “NFL”: funny when Rob Lowe did it, but probably only once. The only logo I want on a keyboard is the logo of the company that made it, but ideally I’d rather not see any logo at all. (Or no markup, all at once.)

But there’s no way around it: these keyboards look cool. The Discord brand’s primary color, which they call “blurple”, is a top-notch color and looks especially good on the dark-themed version of the keyboard. It also helps that they are high-end cards (Bluetooth 5.0, RGB backlight, steel plate) in the always-attractive basic keyless design.

When Discord and Kono originally offered these keyboards last year, the proceeds were donated to a non-profit group. Write love on her arms, and that’s pretty cool, but you can no longer rely on charitable donations to justify buying this expensive blurple keyboard. A second limited edition keyboards are being sold “in response to overwhelming demand”, but this time without the charitable donation. (Discord says to “be on the lookout for future chances to raise money for a great cause.”)

The new batch is available for pre-order directly from the Kono store, and the company says it will launch in the second quarter of this year – so sometime in the next few months. The Discord’s official product site shows that keyboards are sold out, but this is the original batch.

Keyboards can be ordered with Gateron Red, Gateron Brown or Kailh Box White switches. I haven’t used either of these switches before, but the Gateron Red and Browns are similar to their equivalent Cherry MX switches. As for Kailh Box White switches, ergonomic keyboard maker ZSA Technology Labs it says they are “clickable to the point of being crunchy”.

What do you say: Discord Keyboard, cool or not?

(Image credit: Discord/Kono)

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