These classic point-and-click adventures have been updated 25 years later

It’s not very often that a game studio releases an update for a 25-year-old video game, but the 2.21 developer did it for Little Big Adventure 2 (opens in new tab)—released in North America as Twinsen’s Odyssey—to mark its 25th anniversary in June.

The update will bring a number of new features to the game, including:

  • Camera centered automatically in external on/off setting
  • Language selection in the menu
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Cloud Savings
  • controller support
  • input remapping
  • new game+
  • window support

The original little big adventure (opens in new tab), released in North America as Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure, is getting a virtually identical update, but instead of an automatic camera centering toggle, it will have a new “hit by walls” toggle option. That game was released in October 1994, so it’s not celebrating an anniversary – but an update 28 years later is even more of a rarity.

2.21 is not the original developer of the Twinsen games – that credit goes to Adeline Software – but there is a connection. The studio was co-founded by Didier Chanfray, who also co-founded Adeline in 1993. The initial goal of the new operation was to move forward with the development of Little Big Adventure 3, but after considering the team decided to start effectively ended up with a restart (opens in new tab) of Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure, which it hopes to release in 2024, in time for the first game’s 30th anniversary.

Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure Classic and Little Big Adventure Classic 2 are now available on Steam – and for those who prefer the old school, the original editions of both games are also available as free DLC (opens in new tab). If you’re new to LBA and want to know what it’s all about, here’s our 2016 retrospective on the “Strangely Sweet World of Little Big Adventure 2 (opens in new tab),” a “ridiculously charming” game that has held up very well despite all the years gone by.

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