There’s Warzone XP in King Kong’s Crown Jewels

Operation Monarch, the latest live event on Call of Duty: Warzone, it’s the kind of crossover you’d expect from Fortnite. He adds King Kong and Godzilla, though the two giants aren’t really interested in fighting each other. They seem to have come to a “let’s you and him fight” agreement and spend most of their time targeting the players, the little soldiers who run around the island trying not to die, occasionally attacking the monsters to gain some intelligence points and weapons. XP. That’s it more fun to watch than to playas Morgan put it.

Players will find their own ways to have fun, however, and one daring soldier did this by jumping out of a helicopter, flying it into the Eighth Wonder of the World’s thigh region, and growing Warzone XP using the helicopter’s blades. Yes, as the player in question put it in a Reddit post that was first flagged as NSFW and then removed by humorless r/CODWarzone mods, “You earn XP for tickling Kong’s bag.”

If you actually tried this feat, you’d probably explode first. Getting close to King Kong, let alone piloting a flimsy helicopter in his swimsuit area, is a surefire way to get smashed to pieces. And even if you did, there are better ways to earn XP, as Operation Monarch gives dual-weapon XP and you can just shoot him with whatever weapon you want to level up.

So is it worth all the risk just to mask the King Kong details? Probably not. Is it funny that someone did? Yes absolutely.

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