There’s no escaping the metaverse: Meta is releasing four new VR headsets by 2024

Tech giant Meta plans to release at least four new VR headsets by 2024, according to a report in The information. Two headsets are focused on work and productivity (Project Cambria and Funston), while the other two are new versions of the Quest headset (Project Stinson and Cardiff) for gaming.

we already know Cambria Project, a VR/AR device that is “more focused on working use cases”. The Cambria will have a high resolution display to make reading text easier on the eyes. The idea is that you can send emails or work on code without taking off your headset, replacing the need for a monitor on your desk.

The report indicates that the Cambria has exterior-facing cameras capable of color pass-through, so users can see their surroundings in real-time, and the headset’s operating system can implement various virtual overlays depending on the application. This would be a big step up from the current traversal mode in Quest, which offers a granular view of the environment.

Built-in sensors will be able to do things like follow the user’s eye movements and track facial expressions. The Cambria will be heavier than the Quest 2 because it will have a larger battery in the back and is designed to be more comfortable to wear for long periods, like a full day at work. Meta employees have referred to this headset as a “face laptop,” according to The Information.

The report indicates that Project Funston will be an updated version of Cambria due in 2024. Project Cambria was supposed to launch last year but delayed to later this year due to supply chain issues.

On the VR gaming front, there isn’t much information about the new Quest headsets, aside from the fact that Meta plans to release them in 2023 and 2024. The first will be a high-end VR headset, with a new budget template coming next year.

we love the mission 2 when we look at it, the idea of ​​a more comfortable headset with better graphics seems very appealing to us. It will be interesting to see if any of the Cambria’s augmented reality features make their way to these new headphones as well. Meta clearly has a vision of the future workplace that involves us strongly meetings within the metaversewhether someone really wants to or not.

Project Cambria is slated for September this year and will cost at least $800, meaning it could cost nearly triple the price of the Quest 2.

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