The Sims 4 adds a cute pocket telescope that can also kill you

The backyard observatory. The damn backyard observatory. sims 4 (opens in new tab) stargazers have long lamented this alternative to the series’ traditional telescope. It’s a gaudy, heavy thing and looks ridiculous on most normal builds. Now, nearly eight years later, we finally have a much better pocket telescope object that actually looks normal on a porch or in a backyard. Oh, and it can kill you. Then that’s it.

The Small Telescope is a free addition to the base game, with a second pocket-sized peeper that comes with the Werewolves game pack (opens in new tab). Sims can carry it in their personal inventory with nine beautiful colors to choose from. It doesn’t have all the functions of the backyard telescope – understandably, you can’t WooHoo inside this one and you can’t get any of the framed photos – but it’s perfectly capable of looking at the stars or whatever your neighbors are doing.

Ah yes, the death thing. Using the telescope runs the risk of being hit by a meteorite. Sims will be properly warned of any flaming sky rocks, but fail to get them inside in time and will be defeated by one. Sims who die from meteorites get a really cool ghost that has a small meteorite burning inside its chest.

(Image credit: Maxis)

Along with the telescope of death, the patch added a new curly beard, striped wallpaper, and a veil-free option for the My Wedding Stories hijab. There are some less flamboyant variations to rainbow wedding dresses now too, which is a welcome alternative. Longtime fans of the Sims will also be pleased to see a small touch: the return of the “Reticulated Splines” charging tip. You can read the full patch notes here (opens in new tab) which I highly recommend – if only to see them take a little bit of the observatory.

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