The next Stellaris expansion is Overlord, and it’s all about being in charge

A new expansion is coming to 4X sci-fi and grand strategy Stellaris, like clockwork, with the upcoming Overlord package set to review the relationships between ruling powers and their lesser states and subjects. The purpose of the expansion is to make the consolidation of other empires under your rule, but not direct control, a more interesting experience than in the base game.

“One of the main goals of this review was to make subjugation a more valuable and viable system with benefits for both sides, rather than being a delayed ‘Game Over’ while you wait for Integration if you get subdued,” Paradox said.

The expansion is intended to include new ways to be a gentle ruler or oppressor, with new megastructures meant to provide new ways to control and elevate your empire.

You can read more on the official website of Paradox announcementor you can find Stellaris: Overlord on Steam.

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