The next Apex Legends hero is Newcastle, a shielded Robocop

Apex Legends is finally getting its knight in shining armor with shielded soldier Newcastle gearing up to become the game’s 21st Legend next season, Salvador.

Newcastle (not to be confused with, err, the northern city of England) has been revealed in a new trailer, revealing that he is Bangalore’s long-lost brother Jackson. This is a little complicated by the fact that, according to recent events in history, Jackson was supposed to be dead. Considering that chrome visor though, I think some Robocop shenanigans might be in the works.

In terms of gameplay, it looks like Newcastle will be a tough defender, with a personal energy shield reminiscent of Lifeline’s old revive shield and a large metal barricade that looks like Rampart’s walls on steroids. This tracks with information spilled during last month’s mega leak.

We’ll find out more about the Newcastle kit as we get closer to the new season, with their Stories from the Outlands video set to drop on April 28th. But the Season Savior website is also revealing some major changes in the upcoming season. That massive Kaiju the gang blows up during the trailer will become a new location on the map at Storm Point, and it looks like the AI ​​Specters will protect the hidden weapon vaults.

It also looks like Ranked play is set to undergo a major overhaul, with Respawn suggesting that the new system will put more emphasis on teamwork and may finally remove disqualification protections (a system that prevents, for example, a Platinum player from dropping in Gold).

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