The next 40K video game is a free card game

not happy with the Warhammer x Magic: The Gathering crossover due out in August, the dark and distant setting of Warhammer 40,000 is coming to a new collectible card game called Warpforge. Announced as part of the annual Warhammer Skulls for the Skull Throne event, Warpforge will be a free-to-play card game based on “brutal and fast-paced clashes”.

According to the press release, it will have singleplayer campaigns for each of its factions, as well as multiplayer with “competitive draft and built modes, both in regular play and limited-time competitions with unique rules of engagement.” Events called alliance wars will apparently “test the courage of even the most seasoned veterans”.

Warpforge is being made by Everguild, which was previously responsible for Heresy of Horus: Legions (opens in new tab), a card game set during a civil war 10,000 years in the past of the 40K universe (a slice of backstory that has since been the subject of over 60 novels and counting). Legions was a completely decent budget CCG where your cards dropped onto the battlefield via pods launched from orbit, which was a nice touch. The card art was a little uneven, but based on what was shown Warpforge looks a lot smoother and more unified in that regard.

While it launches with cards based on some of Warhammer 40,000’s most popular factions, with necrons, orks, eldar, space marines, chaos space marines, and tyranids shown in promotional material, other armies will follow in regular expansions. Expect the likes of the t’au, battle sisters, dark eldar and probably imperial guard to follow, but maybe don’t hold your breath for darker choices like the squats – space dwarf bikers with fuck battle trains (opens in new tab) that deserve a game of their own someday (#justice4squats).

Warpforge is scheduled to be released in 2023 in Steam (opens in new tab), with a mobile version to follow and cross-platform support promised. already have the mandatory channel of discord (opens in new tab).

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