The new season of Fortnite features mushrooms, mounts and Darth Vader

Following yesterday’s great collision event (opens in new tab) and downtime between seasons, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, “Vibrant (opens in new tab)” released this morning.

The mushrooms that feature prominently in the Collision scene end up triggering a new biome: Reality Falls, a dense and magical forest. Players can also plant “Realty Saplings” that persist for them match by match and can eventually provide a source of mythical loot.

It only received a brief mention on the season reveal page, but the addition of mounts and mounted combat strikes me as a big deal: “Jump on a wolf or boar to mount it! You don’t have to dismount to fight – shoot and throw weapons while is upon his steed.”

Last on the list, Darth Vader was revealed as the level 100 Battle Pass reward after being teased in the Collision event. He’s not the only gift from Lucasfilm, however: Indiana Jones will also be available to unlock later this season. Fortnite, the giant nephew, continues to add more media properties to its weird world.

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