The Lord of the Rings Pippin Actor Joins The Elder Scrolls Online Cast

Scottish actor Billy Boyd, most famous for playing Pippin in Peter Jackson’s adaptations of The Lord of the Rings, will join the cast of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online expansion, “High Isle”.

Boyd assumes the role of Bragaa charming card player that introduces players to TESO’s new “Tales of Tribute” card game, similar to Gwent.

Bethesda generally has excellent voice acting talent in their games, sound file assignments and characters talking to themselves aside. Talented actors like Lynda Carter, Wes Johnson and Michael Mack really helped sell these worlds.

And Boyd convinced me of Braghas too, to be honest. Boyd looks genuinely likes games and fantasy, and really excels in its delivery. He characterizes the Wood Elf as a smooth talker and a carefree free spirit, very reminiscent of a hairy-footed Shire people. We hope that Zenimax Online makes the most of the talent and puts Braghas at the center of some quests.

A Wood Elf is also a pretty sensible character for Boyd. After all, they have become the Hobbits of Tamriel over the years, despite tradition that paints them as cannibal guerrillas. I hope there is no twist with the sweet Braghas savoring the most dangerous game…

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Island focuses on the Britons, a culture of magically inclined humans with a society similar to the medieval period of Europe. The Britons’ homeland of Daggerfall formed the backdrop for the pivotal and incredibly large Elder Scrolls entry of the same name, but this TESO expansion takes players to a previously unexplored archipelago west of mainland Tamriel.

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