The latest V Rising patch makes it easier for vampires to find stairs

V Rising emerged this month with its bloodsucking monsters, and in three days 500,000 players (opens in new tab) new non-lives had already begun. For developer Stunlock Studios, that meant a lot of feedback to sift through, and the latest update does another – albeit small – damage to the list. If you had trouble finding stairs, you’re in luck.

The latest patch notes (Client Patch 0.5.41591 (opens in new tab)) for V Rising are mostly standard stuff like giving players the ability to change their texture quality and limiting fps. But there’s also a tweak to the build menu – apparently the vampires were going to the trouble of building stairs inside their spooky castles.

The patch notes read: “Ladders have been added to the Castle Floors tab in the Build menu to make it easier for players to find them.” I think that even though vampires are highly intelligent hunters, it is sometimes difficult for them to navigate the building menus of survival games.

Along with fps, texture quality and build menu tweaks, some bugs were also fixed. The most notable bugfix is ​​an issue where performance would drop when hitting “Night Marshal Styx the Sunderer with specific abilities (eg Mirror Strike).” This has already been resolved.

In case you missed V Rising, it’s like valheim with vampires (opens in new tab) but it is actually much more than that. Players can configure Dedicated servers to play with friends (opens in new tab)or if you don’t have friends there are offline modes also available recently, I do not judge. just a few days ago reached one million copies sold (opens in new tab) so maybe now is the time to get a little bloody.

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