The Last Worker is a warehouse filling simulator at the end of capitalism

End-stage capitalism is here, and automation has become so rampant that only one human being still has a job. Fortunately, that human is still you, shuffling boxes for robots in a dark future.

You are Kurt, the last human worker at a Manhattan-sized Amazon distribution center (sorry Jüngle), carrying boxes with your annoying robot friend. It’s all in a day’s work until it’s not, when you’re recruited by an activist group trying to disrupt the

Still on his small floating forklift, you begin to delve into the belly of the corporate beast, in a story that asks Kurt to sabotage his employers even as he feels pride in the work he does, reshaping his work into stealthy shenanigans. Expect a fair amount of criticism in our own corporate hellscape too, with screenshots giving us a sneak peek at terribly styled CEOs who uphold the values ​​of being part of a big family.

The Last Worker boasts a stylish comic book world designed in part by Judge Dredd co-creator Nick McMahon and features a cast that includes Zelda Williams, Jason Iaacs and more. The game is scheduled to be released in Steam (opens in new tab) later this year, with a demo coming soon.

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