The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a hauntingly beautiful metroidvania

If you’re a sucker for Lovecraftian influences and some solid metroidvania gameplay, you might want to check out The Last Case of Benedict Fox. From Tacticool Champs developer Plot Twist, the 2D side-scroller promises a thrilling mystery filled with very challenging combat. It was announced earlier this year, but the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase was our first real look.

The game is set in 1925 and follows the titular Benedict Fox as he seeks to uncover the untimely death of a family. His investigations take place inside a beautiful but utterly terrifying mansion filled with a bunch of hidden spooks. Benedict will have to face these demons, along with his own demon companion that resides within his body. He will be able to use his demon to delve into the consciousness of the dead, called Limbo. Much of the unfolding will come from exploring Limbo, but it will also get progressively more dangerous as more clues are revealed.

The whole thing looks really lovely and it helps that I love solving a good old fashioned mystery. The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Game Pass for PC sometime in Spring 2023.

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