The Halo TV Show Has A Cheeky Mass Effect Easter Egg

In 2007, two sci-fi games about space marines in cool armor with oddly shaped assault rifles rocked the Xbox 360 (and one/13 years later, the PC). Since then, it’s been difficult to mentally and spiritually dissociate Halo and Mass Effect, even though we’ve never seen an official connection between the two beyond the aesthetic and console-source similarities.

Until today. The Halo TV show finally fulfilled the 2007 dream with a single-line ad in the background of a normal scene: “Commander Shepherd, you’ve been requested at the Skillian Response Center.” Thanks to GamesRadar for the sharp catch in episode one.

Lest you think this is just a reference to the first man in space or an English name derived from a rural occupation, 343 Industries directly confirmed it as an intentional reference to Mass Effect, telling GamesRadar, “Everyone loves Mass Effect”.

I could have said this: “Skillian” is clearly a reference to the Skyllian Verge, an undeveloped frontier of humanity that borders the Terminus Systems and the primary section of the galaxy you explore in Mass Effect 1. The Skyllian Verge is also where a Commander Shepard with the “War Hero” background — wait, where are you going? I wasn’t finished.

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