The Forest sequel postponed to October

Announced in 2019, children of the forest is a sequel to the terrifying open-world survival game The Forest, which is still my pick for the grossest and most uncomfortable tree-drilling simulator out there. Studio Endnight Games has yet to release many details about the sequel, although based on early game scenes is looking like a more narrative affair than its predecessor, which itself was a more narrative affair than most survival games.

Exactly what Sons of the Forest will be may be unknown, but we do know that the game has been delayed. Initially slated for a May 2022 release, it will now arrive on Steam in October 2022.

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“Over the past few weeks, we’ve realized that our May 2022 release date for Sons Of The Forest was overly ambitious,” tweeted Endnight Games. “In order to deliver our vision of the next step in survival games, we’ve decided to move our release date to October 2022.”

Accompanying the ad is an extremely brief five-second video. It shows an apparently half-dead figure (disgusting), a fish being bitten in first person (disgusting), a construction animation (fantasy), and a shooting target being unfolded and placed (target practice confirmed!). The settings like the creek and dense forest definitely look prettier and denser than in the 2018 predecessor.

Jon noticed the much more sophisticated building animations when the game’s trailer came out, as well as a creepy “three-legged, three-armed dancing lady” that sounds exactly like the kind of weird monstrosity the first game swapped. Prepare to be terrified, and in dire need of supplies, when Child of the Forest launches in October.

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