The evolved form of my most beloved gaming headset is £45 off

Sitting above my head right this second is this exact model of gaming headset. Right now on Amazon it’s a lot cheaper than it has been since it launched, down from its usual £175 for a lot more. justifiable £130 on Amazon.

Sure, it’s still a lot of money, but these are honestly a peripheral I can’t live without. I’d rather be bereft of one of the best gaming keyboardsthan having to go a day without these sweet babies in my head.

They are an evolution of Arctis 7 steel serieswhich we’ve already considered super well with a score of the main differences being the ability to charge via USB Type-C, lower latency and a slightly more impressive battery life.

Improvements like this save £45 on my most-loved wireless gaming headset too tempting, and you might have to fight me for it. Let’s hope they have a lot in stock.

These stylish and super comfy cans received a score of 90 in their previous form from us, and we’re not going to go back on that score for this release. Sure, wireless is a little less reliable when you’re moving away from your desk, but when it comes to gaming, latency has seen big improvements over the generations. The microphone is also impressive and you’re getting great battery life, to boot.

The Arctis series has never been the best at noise isolation, so if you want to drown out the world, you’ll need to play your music loud. Fortunately, there’s hardly a whiff of distortion when you turn it up, and the SteelSeries GG software has a sophisticated equalizer so you can hit the kind of music you like to play.

The ability to charge via USB Type-C is also a great option, and it gives you the added bonus of a place to snuggle the dongle when you’re out and about, which I found frankly revolutionary.

Basically this is a great gaming headset, now at a great discount too.

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