The co-op castle escape puzzle We Were Here Forever will be released in May

What I firmly believe is one of the best co-op games on PC is getting a fourth game in its friendship test crash course on effective communication. We Were Here Forever (which I’ll forgive for not being named 4ever) is coming this May as the next in the escape room co-op puzzle series.

As with the previous three games in the series, We Were Here Forever separates you and your co-op partner in different parts of the mysterious Castle Rock, using walkie-talkies via in-game microphone chat to keep in touch with each other. Escaping each part of the castle requires you and a friend to solve puzzles together while each of you explores a room with only half the solution. Some are deadly, timed escape rooms. Others are symbol-based logic puzzles. One of my favorites from the second game it was a brain-tickling invisible chess puzzle.

“We Were Here Forever augments this adventure with new, non-linear ways to explore the sinister castle together,” says Total Mayhem Games. “Traverse never-before-seen parts of Castle Rock and, once outside the Keep, you’ll begin to discover the history of Rockbury: the townspeople and the escape plans of a resistance formed against the king.”

The studio says it will have a playtime of over 12 hours — definitely the longest of the bunch, ranging from 2 to 6 hours — and a little more expensive, at $17.99. Total Mayhem says this will also be a “grand finale” to Castle Rock’s spooky stories.

Admittedly, I’ve always focused on the puzzles in the We Were Here series and haven’t been able to retain anything from their stories – aside from the haunting laugh of the recurring character of the jester. If you’re curious, there’s also a new folklore video here showcasing the castle’s haunting history as a story time for reading.

The video also gives two quick looks at the environments of the upcoming game. One is a crumbling, snow-covered warehouse with puppets hanging from its rafters. I’m not sure what kind of task you and your friends will be doing there, but it’s pretty daunting. The other is a stormy red stone town that must be Rockbury. In its press release, Total Mayhem Games also references a graveyard and foundry, likely more puzzle locations.

Total Mayhem says it will continue the six-part video series with additional stories and glimpses of We Were Here Forever, until its release on May 10. Steam and the epic store during launch.

If you’re curious but not committed, you can still play the original two hours. we were here for freethat I really recommend you go for a walk with a good friend.

(Image credit: Total Mayhem Games)

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