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The Bethesda launcher will shut down on May 11

In February, Bethesda announced plans to put a mercy bullet in the Bethesda launcher’s brain, an unloved alternative to some other popular digital game management programs. These plans have since been elaborated in an update of a blog post on how to disable the launcher and migrate to Steam. “If you have games through the launcher,” he says, “don’t worry. Starting April 27th, you’ll be able to migrate your games and wallet to your Steam account.”

Detailed instructions on what to do will be provided on April 27th. Some games will have their saves transferred automatically, while others will require them to be manually copied to the relevant folder. “Right now,” Bethesda writes, “we expect that almost all saved progress will be automatically or manually transferable, with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which is currently untransferable.” DLC and in-game currency will transfer automatically which is good news

The Bethesda Launcher will remain running until May 11, but even if you don’t transfer all of your games to Steam when someone with a loud enough speaking ability convinces you to self-destruct, you will still be able to transfer them after that.

Also don’t throw away your login details. “For games that require this, you will still use your login to log in to play. Your account will not be lost and will still be accessible on our website and in-game, and we will continue to support all accounts with our future titles.”

While it never bothered me as much as Uplay, now known as Ubisoft Connect, which still fails to launch if I check the “remember my details” box when logging in, Bethesda Launcher was nasty software that I don’t miss—at least , once I’ve migrated my copies of Arx Fatalis and Quake 2 to Steam.

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