Teamgroup Announces a Liquid Cooler That Cools Your CPU and M.2 Drive at the Same Time

Teamgroup has announced its new T-Force Siren Series all-in-one liquid cooler. But, this is not just another CPU cooler. It can also cool an M.2 SSD. Don’t roll your eyes. M.2 cooling is set to become more important than ever.

Siren cooler is a widely compatible AIO cooler with support for LGA 1700 and AM5 socket, so it’s all set to cool Intel’s 13th Generation and AMD’s Zen 4 CPUs. The main unit includes ARGB lighting as you would expect. The cooler features a white theme, and while the look is in the eye of the beholder, I think it looks fantastic.

The press release sent by Teamgroup is a little light on details and we confirm that the unit is not ready to be released. So far we only have one photo of the unit. Shows what appears to be a reservoir. It’s too big to be an M.2 water block and there’s no sign of the radiator or fans, so it will be interesting to see the final design when it’s ready for sale.

NVMe SSD cooling is something that doesn’t get enough attention. Newer PCIe 4.0 drives can get very hot and can accelerate under a heavy load. PCIe 5.0 drives will likely get even hotter. Many motherboards include heatsinks, but sometimes they work in reverse, absorbing heat, and the cause is a hot GPU.

Imagine that. You have a 14GB/s PCIe 5.0 drive alongside a 500W RTX 40 series GPU. During gaming, this GPU dumps a huge amount of heat and some of it will be absorbed by the heatsink of your poor NVMe SSD .

It’s not like the actual cooling requirements of M.2 drives are too high compared to a CPU or GPU, and Teamgroup’s idea of ​​incorporating a secondary cooling system could be a genius move.

Of course, we have no idea how Siren will work, but with the right engineering and design, active M.2 cooling can really help maintain your drive’s optimal performance and also increase longevity.

We’ve contacted Teamgroup and asked for a sample when it’s ready. Our analysis will include throttling and performance data and the results may be enlightening.

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